Jealousy Breeds Contempt…So If You’re Unhappy That’s YOUR Problem…Not Mine

And I am always at a loss because I can never figure out why anyone would be jealous of me. I end up feeling hurt and sad and like their unhappiness is my fault…No matter how much energy you put toward your envy, you will never be happy in that state. No matter how hard you try to make your anguish my problem it never will be. No matter how hard you work at bringing me down, it will always be you who falls.

If you’re unhappy that’s your problem…not mine.”

Sarcoidosis Soldier

(Preface:I typically don’t preface my blogs but thisone is a bit out of character for my usual writing style and I wanted to explain. All of my life I have run into people who, for no obvious reason seem resentful toward me. Now, it’s not a lot of people but it is a pattern. Every time it happens I am taken aback and hurt by it. People who care about me throughout my life have always said the same thing about these people when this happens – that it has to do with jealousy. And I am always at a loss because I can never figure out why anyone would be jealous of me. I end up feeling hurt and sad and like their unhappiness is my fault. Well, it happened again recently but this time, I am taking a different approach…thus this blog post.)


It’s called the…

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Where the River Meets the Sea: Lessons in Marriage Mastery for the Muslim Woman

“Years ago, my mother, like so many Muslim mothers read me the advice of Omama bint Alhareth to her daughter on her wedding day. I couldn’t find a translation that does the Arabic justice, but there are 10 things that she mentioned that I have lived by since then. And Alhamdullilah, my marriage is now considered a mastered one; and one of my choosing.

She said:…..” Read on!

The Authentic Base

By Heba Alshareef


The Nile River is generally regarded as the longest in the world. It has been valued since the beginning of time. Through it, an ancient civilization was born. In it, traveled a young baby alone in a basket, who would later grow to be an honored prophet of Allah SWT.

The waters of the Nile, besides being used for cultivation from thousands of years back, have been revered in history books, praised in poems, studied by architects and explorers, and even considered a gateway to the afterlife by those who followed pagan religions.

Still, there is this point near my mother’s ancestral home in Egypt, called the Rosetta Branch, where the Nile River meets the Mediterranean Sea. I stood there on the banks of the river, and the sands of the sea. The sea azure, so breathtakingly beautiful, so strong. And next to it the Nile…

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Life and Death As Seen Though the Eyes of the Shooter

“I don’t believe you will solve this problem until you look through the eyes of “the shooter”.  Once the shooter is caught he is diminished as a human being, he is classified as the scum of the earth and in most instances, he is neither evaluated nor does he receive proper treatment. He is simply labeled as a criminal and imprisoned.


No one seems to establish a profile of the shooter.  However, when there is another shooting, the same cycle occurs, the community is outraged, they run to the aid of the deceased and their family, “as they should”.  They address causes and effects in general terms of poverty, lack of education, no strong family unit, lack of moral values the issue of guns and various police concerns and strategies. 


Certainly the great amount of attention to the deceased and their family is most appropriate.  But we must recognize also that in the eyes of many, the shooter is also a victim. It is not just enough to lock up the shooter and feel relieved that he has been punished.  Let me strongly urge that you must start spending a great deal of time assessing who the shooter is and why he has become the shooter….You must provide the expertise and the resources to develop and establish a profile that allows the shooter to be possibly identified before he shoots.”

Western Muslims: Prophetically-Inspired Voices of Dissent

“Monotheism undoubtedly urges compassion, but it demands courage too. It is not for the faint-hearted. For as its vision of the world inspires us to partake in the healing of society’s many wounds, it exhorts we be critical iconoclasts too: questioning society’s conventional wisdoms, challenging the secular orthodoxies of the age, speaking truth to power, calling into question whether universal human rights are actually universal, and interrogating liberalism to find out if it is merely a sophisticated veneer for a new type of totalitarianism that is unable to accept any true and meaningful diversity and unwilling to accommodate any significant voices of dissent.”

The Humble "I"

64276_555052664515251_466050869_nThis is a companion piece to the previous blog I wrote, called: British Muslims & their Strategies for Living in the UK (which can be read here). Here, I will discuss a few of the principles which ought to animate our engagement with wider society and our fellow citizens; and how, in the time honoured tradition of Abrahamic monotheism, we are called upon to hold a mirror up to society and help steer it away from self-harm.

One Qur’anic verse is particularly telling on this point, for it says: Thus have We made you a middle nation, that you may be witnesses over mankind and that the Messenger may be a witness over you. [2:143] Thus this ‘community of the middle way’, distant from all types of extremism; this ‘best part of everything,’1 has been tasked with the burden of being witnesses over mankind: witnesses to the truth…

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