Qualities to Look For in a Muslim Husband by Imam Luqman Ahmad

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If you are looking for the perfect Muslim man who is the embodiment of prophetic character and constitution in every possible way, then you will never find that person. However, there is such a thing as an ideal spouse tat fits and compliments you.

Every Muslim woman who seeks marriage in Islam should be aware that you are seeking a person to not only be a husband, friend, lover, life-partner, and all those good things; but you are seeking someone to be the imam of your home and family. Of course you want him to be a kind, generous, patient, good-natured, healthy, attractive (to you), and a god –fearing , virtuous husband who is reasonable. Nevertheless,  as a woman, you need to be clear about what you really want and seek in a marriage.

Many sisters say they want one thing but when they get it, it turns out that…

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Book Review: The Inseparability of Sharia & Tariqa

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Sharia and Tariqa

Title: The Inseparability of Sharia & Tariqa: Islamic Law and Purification of the Heart
Author: Shaikh al-Hadith Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhelwi
Publisher: Madania Publications (2011); Earlier editions were in 2006 and 2008
Translator: Asim Ahmad

Shaikh al-Hadith’s brief biography excerpted from the back cover of the book:

Shaikh al-Hadith Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhelwi was born in 1897 in Kandhla, U.P [India]. He was privately tutored by his father, Shaikh Yahya, in the Islamic sciences and completed the six books of Hadith with him. He dedicated his life to the teaching and writing of Hadith. He worked under his shaikh, Shaikh Khalil Ahmed Saharanpuri, to complete the eighteen volume commentary of Abu Dawud and later himself wrote a monumental twenty-three volume commentary of Muwatta Imam Malik over a span of thirty years. His other famous books are Fada’il-e-A’mal, Khasa’il-e-Nabawi [commentary of Shama’il al-Tirmidhi], and al-Abwab wa al-Tarajum . He began teaching the Islamic…

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