Usthad Abu Ja’far Al Hanbali’s lecture series on the book “The Divine Lightning” of Imam Sulaiman ibn Abdul Wahhab

Learn how this movement (and it IS a movement) came about.

Wahhabism Unveiled

Regarding the book:

Whether it be Al-Qaeda, Ahle Hadith, GIA or any other medley of titles, these groups stem from the same source: Muhammad ibn `Abdul Wahhab and his Ikhwan, or ‘Brotherhood’ movement. For the first time in English, the reader has a full historical and theological explanation of Salafi yyah. The author, Imam Sulaiman ibn `Abdul Wahhab, was the fi rst to write about and ultimately fall victim to the movement. Anyone seeking answers – Muslim or not – needs to understand that this tribulation did not begin on a Tuesday in 2001, but in the mind of a false prophet more than 200 years ago

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