Wife of Rio rapper Mr. Catra openly discusses polygamy; she is one of his four “wives” and mother of 4 of his 21 children by 14 women

It’s real out here!

Black Women of Brazil

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She openly discusses polygamy as a reality and says that families of middle class neighborhoods are the ones deceiving themselves.

Silvia Regina says that in middle class neighborhoods husbands also have several women. The difference is that in the favela (shantytown) it’s easier to “bump into one another.”

Mr. Catra and his first wife, Silvia: “Polygamy has been happening for a long time in the favela.”

Mr. Catra was previously featured on this blog in a post about the controversial video “Kong” by Brazilian singer Alexandre Pires. Catra (Wagner Domingues da Costa) is a popular rapper from Rio de Janeiro in a style known as Funk Carioca, a sound somewhatreminiscent of the mid-90s Miami Bass sound.Funk Carioca has been highly criticized over the years because of its sexually explicit lyrics and dancers, which some see as vulgar, and its connection to crime and drug trafficking in Rio’s…

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Deconstructing the ISIS Crisis, by Imam Luqman Ahmad

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ISIS flagGenocide, murder, rape, mass executions, beheadings, the persecution of Christians, the persecution of Muslims, the persecution of Yazidis, a religion that most of us have heretofore never heard about, and a level of Muslim extremism that sends chills down your spine. This is the perceived reality of the ISIS phenomena which many people call a crisis. Despotic, blood thirsty leaders, foolish followers, whole families slaughtered, and the image of a prepubescent Muslim boy holding up a decapitated head as if it were a fish that he might have caught in the local creek. This is the image of people who claim to be the puritans of Islam, sanitizing the path. Babies, shot point blank in the head, and scenes of outright savagery, all in the name of Islam. Thanks to world-wide (and largely controlled and censured) broadcast and social media, this is part of what makes up the images of…

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